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1646 Military Hwy, Pineville, LA, 71360

Outpatient services:

Your outpatient therapy experience beings with a comprehensive evaluation in order to formalize a plan to reach optimal results. We pride ourselves on patient education and safety. Beginning with the initial evaluation and every visit after, you will receive care with a licensed individual that focuses on proper form, safe therapy principles and implementation. The staff of Red River Rehab believe this personalized care with a skilled therapist, using an evidence-based approach, is the best way to assist in the healing process and attain your goals. 


What is in the clinic:

Our staff is experienced in spine and orthopedic practice, manual therapy applications and trigger point dry needling. The spine and orthopedic center has 2500 square feet which includes an open gym,  balance training area and patient private rooms. The layout provides an easily accessible and welcoming space with a positive atmosphere. The open gym is equipped to cater to your needs and allows the opportunity for patient camaraderie and support. The balance area provides an open space to focus on gait discrepancies, balance obstacles and stability tasks. The private patient rooms include a massage chair and manual therapy table with cervical/lumbar traction. These rooms offer more privacy for manual therapy sessions, including trigger point dry needling. 

Treatments include, but not limited to:



post surgical rehab




neurological/neuro-muscular rehab

work related

injury rehab



bed mobility training

transfer training

ambulation training

assistive device training


balance vestibular training

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